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Well, I've done it now!

I quit my day job.

Monday, driving home from work, I said to Ken, "I don't think I can stand doing this job even one more day..." and he said, "Then you need to go in there tomorrow and tell them you're quitting."

So I did. Wow! My last day will be August 31, and I've already started training my replacement. The college girl that's been helping me with stuff part-time has not been able to find a job in her major since she graduated this spring, and she's already got a handle on doing some of what I do. They offered her the job the same afternoon that I gave notice, and she took it. So win-win!! :D I'm really happy that this worked out so well.

It's obviously a leap of faith on my part, since I don't have something else specific planned. But I have this very strong intuitive feeling something will come up. And I wanted to be free and ready! :DD Yay!! I can't wait for September 1! ^.^
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