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Art: Two book covers from the world of Harry Potter

Happy New Year, everyone! Hopefully, the 3rd is not too late to say that! :D I was tied up with extended family events on the first - we have a tradition of spending January 1st together with lots of great food and fun games. ^.^ Then yesterday, I did nothing. Well, that is - haha - I played PS3 Lego Lord of the Rings all day. ;-) OMG - Lego Legolas! He has a little braid on the back of his hair! *dies from the cute* :DD

Also welcome to new friends!! <333 I am excited and grateful to have you here! ^.^

And here is some new (or rather not-posted-here-yet) art! This past fall I did cover designs for two books mentioned in the Harry Potter series. These were drawn for hd_fan_fair's 2013 Harry/Draco Book Fair.


Dragon Species of Great Britain and Ireland

The Invisible Book of Invisibility

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2014!! ^.^

Tags: art, harry potter
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