dmmccabe (dmmccabe) wrote,

this hardly ever happens...

We are snowed in!! It rarely snows where we live, but we live on a steep hill, and when it does, we can get stuck for days. :P K tried to shovel our drive yesterday, but it's iced over and was hard, so he didn't get far enough for us to actually be able to drive out. Luckily we got food in the house the morning it started... so we won't starve or anything. lol

This poor little guy, an Eastern Bluebird, was sitting in the tree outside our front window, freezing his little er, tailfeathers off, no doubt. *wants to pet*

View out the front window:

View out the back door:

Another pic of the bluebird:

Robins in the snow:

They've been gathering in the holly bushes by the front porch and eating the berries.

And K and I have discovered Torchwood. I love it! Snowed in = Torchwood Marathon!! :DD
Tags: birds, snow
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