dmmccabe (dmmccabe) wrote,

Animated art post: Happy Holidays!

Hee - I'm in the middle of my annual Christmas Eve cookie baking marathon! So far, I've done three versions of oatmeal cookies - raisin/walnut, cranberry/macadamia/white chocolate chip, chocolate chip/pecan - and chocolate peppermint cookies. Still to go - gingerbread! :D

Thank you so much to saras_girl and dannyfranx, demicus, and leochi for the wonderful Christmas cards!! *hugs to you all* ^.^

One of my most loved books of all time is the Hobbit, so here is a little holiday greeting from Middle Earth!

Greetings from Middle Earth

Greetings from Middle Earth

(The animation can be made to repeat if you refresh the page in your browser.)

Happy Holidays to Everyone!! May the new year be filled with joy and blessings!!

Tags: animation, art, christmas, hobbit
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