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We have a new kitten!

This was completely unexpected, but we have been adopted by a little feral kitten! We have not had any pets since our parakeet Pippin died in 2011, so this is going to be fun and challenging! At least the kitchen remodel is finished! lol

This is Zoe. :) She is the sweetest little thing. You would never know she'd been living wild. She's moved right in and taken over the house - and us. ;-)

More pics and story under the cut.

A couple of weeks ago, we started seeing a mom cat with one kitten, once in our yard down by the street, but mostly wandering around in the lot next door where two houses are being built. Last weekend, I was only seeing the kitten by herself. She was running around in all the mud and construction trash, so Monday I bought kitten food and went out to try to coax her to me.

I really thought it would take a couple of days to befriend her, if at all, since we've not had any luck with other feral kittens. But as soon as I went out, I heard her meowing and saw that she was alertly watching me. I sat down and called her and she came running! She climbed right into my lap and purred and purred and purred, and when I got out a handful of food, she ate and ate and ate. I think she would have eaten the entire bag of food, if I'd let her. But I was afraid she would get sick, so I just gave her a little at a time, and then brought her in the garage and gave her some water.

The rest of that afternoon, she followed me around everywhere, and wanted to be held and petted, even climbing my leg a couple of times when I didn't pick her up fast enough. I don't think she stopped purring the whole afternoon.

We kept her in the garage that first night (since it wasn't that cold) with food and water, a bed in a box with an old quilt and a litter box, which she knew to use right away. We left the door to the outside open enough for her to leave if she needed to. We didn't want her to feel trapped, or to not be able to get back to her mother if she showed up. But she didn't go out, and the one time I saw her look out the door, she ducked back in immediately. When she was still with us the next morning, I cleared out a small spare room and made it the cat room.

And I was so glad she came to me right away on Monday, because on Tuesday they had all kinds of bulldozers and earth movers digging on the construction site, including one going around grabbing up all the trash right where I had seen her playing, as well as huge dump trucks dumping loads of rocks and gravel. I'm thinking it was really a miracle we were able to save her the day we did. o_O

So this week has been taken up with shopping for all the new kitten stuff we needed, getting her cleaned up and visiting the vet. :) She is so playful and clever and loves to sleep in our laps. I think every chair in the house has also been tried out for napping, too, when the laps are momentarily unavailable. ;-) She is a huge ball of energy when she's not napping, and watching her has worn me out. lol It's been fun though. :D Kitten antics are the best!!

My chair has turned out to maybe be the favorite chair...

Sleeping in the chair next to me while I'm eating lunch and reading...

Hiding in the bookcase...

Making a funny face while grabbing at the phone while I was taking her picture...

I took a little video of her playing with a catnip mouse in the kitchen but I can't seem to get it to embed. I can see it on my videostream page, but I'm not sure anyone else can. But here is a link to it: Link to my video page. If anyone knows how to make this work, please let me know!

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