dmmccabe (dmmccabe) wrote,

Can it really be a year...

Wow - it's been a year ago today that we took in our little feral kitten. (Story is here.) Zoe won our hearts immediately, and after weathering her getting-into-everything-every-minute-and-making-me-wonder-if-I'd-ever-get-any-work-done-again kittenhood, she has grown into a lovely, loving cat who no longer tries to climb the curtains or the bookshelves or into the washer, and who remembers she is not allowed on the kitchen counter. :) She does still get in the middle of anything we're doing, because that just is a cat's job, after all, ;-), but her presence is now an integral part of our day and she has become a beloved member of the family. As I type this, she is curled up, warm, sleepy and purring, on my lap. <3

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