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Harry Potter art - Thestrals

I've always wanted to draw these fascinating creatures, and this seemed the perfect opportunity...

For the October challenge, "White on Black," on hp_fringeart:

Title: Thestrals
Rating: G
Media used: Photoshop
Notes/comments: I created this partly by drawing white on black - the background, and erasing the black background to let the white underlayer show through - the thestrals. :)



A smaller version to see the entire image on screen:

X-posted to hp_fringeart and hpart

My new job is going very well, except that it can be frustrating at times when the people who are providing me with the information I need to do my job, leave important things out and I have to chase after them to get it. *rolls eyes* But everyone is really great to work with, and helpful. Still, it means I have very little free time now, and I've been spending that little bit of free time this month working on art, so I've been kind of absent from LJ lately. :( I'm hoping this coming month will not be quite so crazy, but I'm afraid it may be only more so. *missing everyone*
Tags: art, harry potter
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