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Harry Potter art - Flying High

January is again the month of the Imitation of a Famous Work of Art challenge at hp_fringeart! We've had some fantastic entries already!! :D

Title: Flying High
Characters: Harry
Rating: G
Media used: Photoshop
Warnings: none
Notes/comments: Imitation of "Dinky Bird" by Maxfield Parrish. I wanted to express the joy I always imagine Harry must feel when he's flying. I don't see this as taking place during an actual game, but in practice, or just flying for fun. And in keeping with the stylization of the original art and the feeling of freedom I wanted to convey, I simplified the Quidditch uniform, and did away with the hood and all the padded guards and the gloves. :)


The original:
"Dinky Bird" by Maxfield Parrish

My imitation:
Flying High

Half-size version:

Smaller version to fit all of it on screen:

The full-size version can be viewed here. (Very large image.) :P

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