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Harry Potter art - My HP Art Project pieces

I ended up with two chapters for the amazing hp_art_project and just managed to finish them by the extended deadline. Both are reworks of previous art, so not entirely new. However, both had to be redone at 350 dpi which when working in Photoshop is a little like painting a wall mural. With toothpick-sized brushes. lol

Warning: Large image files

Title: The Cave
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore, an Inferi
Rating: PG
Media used: Photoshop
Notes/comments: Illustration for Half-Blood Prince, chapter 26 - "The Cave." Based on my previous drawing for "I" in the HPB Alphabet, now in color.


The Cave

Title: The Battle of Hogwarts
Characters: Harry, Draco, assorted Fiendfyre creatures
Rating: PG
Media used: Photoshop
Notes/comments: Illustration for Deathly Hallows, chapter 35 - "The Battle of Hogwarts." Based on my previous painting, "Fiendfyre Flight" with the Fiendfyre creatures redone more like I'd intended to the first time, but ran out of time. :P


The Battle of Hogwarts

Tags: art, harry potter
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