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Pond Society Tour - continued, part 3

Previews: . . . . . .

House 11

This was probably my favorite of all the ponds, because of the natural look they had created on bottom of the pond, and for the lovely stream that cascasded down the hill.

House #11 Pond

House #11 Pond

House #11 Pond

House #11 Pond

Pretty waterlilies and koi.

House #11 Waterlily with koi

House #11 Waterlilies

House #11 Koi

House 12

This also was a very small pond, but they had a lovely yard with beautiful flowers and the most adorable puppy. :D

House #12 Pond with waterfall fountain

House #12 Koi

House #12 Pond far end

House #12 Oakleaf Hydrangea

House #12 Roses

Haha! The puppy's name was Odie, and he was gnawing on the wing of this angel statue ... until the owner caught him. :P

House #12 Puppy

House 13

Right about now we started getting rushed because we only had one hour left and four houses to see - so I didn't take as many pictures.

House 13 Pond

House 13 Koi

House 14

House #14 Pond

House #14 Waterfall

House 15

This house had a HUGE backyard, with gorgeous perennial gardens all around, so I'm really sorry that I didn't get to spend more time looking around and taking pictures here since we were so rushed at this point.

House #15 Pond

House #15 Swing

House 16

This house had a series of decks enclosing the pond and two waterfalls. Sadly they had just lost all their koi to a marauding otter. A good reason most of the other houses we visited had tightly fenced-in yards. :(

This is looking down from the top of the stairs.

House #16 Decks with pond, looking down

And this is looking up at the house from the pond level.

House #16 Decks with pond, looking up

House #16 Pond

Waterfall #1

House #16 Waterfall 1

Waterfall #2

House #16 Waterfall 2

Wow - this was a huge Elephant Ear plant!

House #16 Elephant Ear

*grin* Cat on the stairs, presiding over the tour of his pond.

House #16 Cat on the stairs

Everyone we met was so gracious and excited to talk about their yards and ponds and fish. It was a delightful day in every way. ^.^

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