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Pond Society Tour - continued, part 2

Previews: . . . . . .

House #6

This one seemed rather bare and I think it might have been fairly new, although it has a wonderful waterfall and rocky border. The koi, we were told, were hiding in their cave under the waterfall.

House #6 Pond

House #7

This pond took up most of these owners' front yard. It was the biggest we saw on the tour, and the most naturalized. We were able to meet the man who designed and built it, who was really fun to talk to. He told me it took only 5 days to build it. *amazed*

House #7 Pond

House #7 Koi

House #7 Waterlilies

House #7 Waterlily

House #7 Waterlilies

This was the patio that was in their backyard. I love the flagstones!

House #7 Backyard

House #8

This was one of my favorites, for the beautiful waterfall and the naturalistic bottom.

House #8 Pond with waterfall

House # 8 Waterfall

House #8 Pond below waterfall

House #8 Koi

House #8 Koi

House #9

Oh my! This place was so impressive - not that you could tell from the front of the house. *grin*

House #9 Front yard

But when you stepped into the backyard, it was astonishing. They were right on the river and it was gorgeous!

House #9 Backyard

They had many different areas and features - statues, water fountains & sitting areas besides the pond. And then there were stone steps that went right down to a boat dock on the river. Very cool!!

House #9 Fish fountain

House #9 Fountain with bog plants

House #9 Fountain urn with hostas

House #9 Bear

House #9 Pond

House #9 Koi

House #9 Koi

House #9 Detail of waterfall

House #10

This was also a small, but very nice pond.

House #10 Pond

House #10 Pond

House #10 Waterfall

House #10 Koi

House #10 Koi

Haha - okay, I got carried away taking pics of the koi and getting all abstact with their colors under the bubbles from the waterfall. :DD

House #10 Koi

House #10 Koi

House #10 Koi

House #10 Koi

I loved the pergolas, and gazebo they had.

House #10 Pergola 2

House #10 Gazebo

House #10 Pergola 1

Link to Part 3: Houses 11 - 16...

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