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The 2009 Pond Society Tour - part 1

Last Saturday, my sister-in-law and I went on our local Pond Society Tour of homes. It was so much fun!! We got to snoop around in other people's gorgeous backyards and oogle their ponds and gardens and KOI ... and take pictures! Hee - I took over 200. :DDD Having a pond with koi is one of my ultimate dreams. Now I'm all fired up and ready to go dig up the back yard. lol

There were 16 houses on the tour this year, and I've split the pictures between three posts, with around 30 images in each. ^.^

Previews: . . . . . .

House #1
This house didn't have a pond, but they had a really cool stream/waterfall that seemed to come from under their front porch.

House #1  Waterfall looking up

House #1 Waterfall looking down

House #2

This awesome Griffin met us outside House #2. These people had an incredibly decorated yard, including a wonderful vegetable garden in raised beds.

House #2 Griffin

The pond. They had gorgeous koi here.

House #2 Pond

House #2 Pond

House #2 Statue

House #2 Koi

House #2 Koi

House #2 Koi

Mandevilla - one of many beautiful flowering plants in the yard.

House #2 Mandevilla

They also had quite a few fountains. You can't really see it in this picture, but the water overflows the lip in front where it is indented and makes the most beautiful echoing sound as it falls into the interior of the urn.

House #2 Urn fountain

House #3

This house had a fabulous garden. You came in through these gates. :D

House #3 Gate

House #3 Yard

House #3 Yard

House #3 Yard

The pond itself was fairly small.

House #3 Pond and waterfall

But it had a stream that went under this bridge.

House #3 Bridge

House #3 Yard seen from bridge over pond

Their pretty koi. :)

House #3 Koi

House #3 Koi

And pretty lilies in the sun.

House #3 Lilies

House #4

This house had the pond with a waterfall right in their front yard.

House #4 Pond with waterfall

House #4 Pond close-up

And they had one enormous koi whose name was Bubba. LOL

House #4 Koi - Bubba

Close-up of Bubba. :DD

House #4 Koi - Bubba

House #5

This house also had a small pond with a waterfall.

House #5 Pond with waterfall

House #5 Detail of waterfall

House #5 Koi

This was the house across the street from the one with the pond. Very nice!

House #5 - house across the street

But as we drove down the street to turn around, we saw this house! WOW! They don't have a pond - the freaking lake is in their back yard! lol

House #5 - house down the street

House #5 - house down the street detail

Link to Part 2: Houses 6 - 10...

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