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Vacation photos - pretty fall colors...

Monday, Ken and I started our "stay-cation" by taking a little hike around a local lake. It was a beautiful afternoon, really the only one we had all week, and the fall colors were stunning:

Creek and waterfall beside the trail in to the lake...

View from the bridge at the beginning of the trail around the lake...

Mr. Grasshopper and Ms. Ladybug

There were also quite a few Canada Geese

And lots of brightly colored leaves

For some reason, I found this sign to be quite amusing...

We ended the evening by going to the symphany hall to see two silent films, with live organ accompaniment. Very fun, and the organist was truly awesome. :)

The middle of the week was too rainy to do much, but today, the sun peeked out for just a bit, so we took a picnic lunch to the park and drove through the winding roads to look at the trees.

Part of the entrance to the park - I've always loved these stairs that go up the hill. At the top is a lookout area.

Road and surrounding forest in the park...

Pretty leaves...

And an awesome lookout...

Seen driving home: this has to be either one of the coolest or one of the weirdest houses ever - I haven't quite decided. But what on earth is that black inverted cone shaped structure on the left???

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