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Flower/Bird/Critter Photos and a Funny Fox Tale

Massive Photo Post! :DD

This spring I put up a bluebird house since we'd been seeing one in the yard all winter, and sure enough, the most adorable bluebird couple moved in. We think they have raised at least two broods since this spring.

Other flora and fauna pictures from this spring:

A couple of rabbits in a face off up on the hill. lol They took turns rushing each other and jumping high into the air. Very fascinating and hilarious to watch. :D

Lily of the Vally:


Some birds and flowers from early this Summer:

A lone Goldfinch:


Hydrangeas and Lilies:

Zinnia, Petunias & Verbena:

Trumpet Vine:

Hahaha - squirrel on the windowsill. Maybe this was a cool spot...

Squeeee! OMG - we have figs on our fig tree! Our first! :DD

*grin* And now, a very funny Fox Tale:

This is our bird bath:

It is a very popular watering spot and is usually very very busy this time of year, and while mostly we get just birds on it, like this pretty blue jay... is also frequently visited by squirrels and the occasional wandering cat. No doubt a possum or two has found it handy during the night, though we've not actually seen that, we know they are around. But lately, every few days, we've been finding the bird bath knocked over, which means something larger has been getting drinks, but we had no idea what. Until last Friday when I spotted this cute critter in the yard...

As I watched him, he jumped up on the birdbath and sat there lapping away! Hee!! I ran to get my camera and was just focusing and pushing the shutter release when a second fox leaped past in a blur and the first one jumped down. I was so disappointed that I'd missed the shot, but was totally entranced by watching the two foxes. They gamboled all around the corner of the yard, climbed up the walls and jumped down, then spent a few minutes resting in the shade:

Then one of them came back to the wall behind the bird bath and seemed to be trying to find a spot to jump down to get to it.

And that's just what he did! And just as I pressed the shutter release to take a picture of him sitting on the birdbath, that little pink tongue lapping away, the whole thing crashed over. So this is the shot I got! LOLOLOL!

After that, he had to go sit in the shade for a minute to lick his very wet belly. *grin*

I seem to have acquired a sudden adoration for foxes. So cute!!! ^.^
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