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Massive Photo Post - Rock City Gardens

Every October, usually the last week of the month, Ken and I take off work and take some little day trips to places in the area that we love to visit. I'm finally getting around to posting my photos from our trip to Rock City Gardens - er... in 2008. lol

So before everyone is completely out of a fall/pretty leaves mood and into winter (is anyone really into winter??) or rather Christmas, I wanted to get these up before I feel I must wait another year. :D

I've been four or five times and it never gets old. ^.^

For any of my friends who are fans of the book "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman, the final battle takes place on Lookout Mountain, and partly in Rock City. You can read what he had to say about it here.

Rock City Gardens

The Entrance and a very pretty tree right outside the admission gate:

Starting on the trail. Rock City Gardens is a long winding paved trail across the top of Lookout Mountain, outside Chattanooga, Tennessee. The trail passes around huge boulders and into tight crevices, over and under stone bridges and through tunnels. The scenery is beautiful at any time of the year, but we happened to pick a gorgeous day just when the fall leaves were at their most stunning.

"Mushroom Rock"

More pretty leaves and rock formations:

So after winding through the woods for a while, you eventually come to the edge of the mountain and this stunning view:

There's a swinging bridge to cross here, and it does really swing! (In the second photo you can see Ken and my shadows on the rock on the lower right.) :D

Then up some stairs, and you come out on Lover's Leap, where they say you can see 7 states. A 100 foot waterfall pours out from the side of the massive rock ledge.

A very cool table and benches on the terrace of Lover's Leap:

This tree was right next to the terrace and was just gorgeous! Of course, I had to get all up under it and take pictures:

Walking on, more pretty leaves and the amazing Balanced Rock:

And this is one of my favorite spots. :D The Rainbow Corridor:

Then you begin your descent into - the very rock! The steps get narrower as they go deeper... and you wind your way through mysterious tunnels. I just LOVE these little doorways into the rocks. :DD

End of the trail! We now go down again into the rock, this time into "Fairyland Caverns." This is for the kiddies, with lots of lighted dioramas of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. It's impossible to take photos for the most part, but I did manage to get one of some gnomes. lol

The exit tunnel and the waterwheel at the end of the trail:

They light this place up with Christmas lights at night during the season. One of these days I'm going back to do that!
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