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Snow - make it stop already!! :P

I was telling some people just last October, that we rarely get any snow here. Boy, was I wrong for this year. We have had more snow this year than I ever remember seeing in my whole life. For some of you, I realize this is the way things are every year, but people here go crazy when it snows. Case in point: Wednesday it started snowing around 3:30 in the afternoon. We left work at 4:30. Traffic was SO insane it took us 5 1/2 HOURS to drive the 6 miles to our house!!!! People were getting stranded - not from the snow - from running out of gas! We didn't get home until 10:00 pm. :(( What an ordeal! Not to mention we were pretty hungry by then...

Snow in our yard. It really isn't that much, either... :P *boggles at drivers here*

Hee! Robin party on the frozen birdbath! :DD

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